Kaden James has been writing his whole life, from short stories and skits for childhood friends to blogs, novels and songs that have been featured on MTV, VH1 and Logo. He landed the theme song to two shows as well as many song placements within several television programs. Also a successful model, Kaden had the privilege of working with brands like Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, Coach, Neiman Marcus and others. Some thought it was a bad idea to leave this all behind, but his desire to help people and do inspired work was just too strong. He no longer wanted to sell expensive clothes and create a false image. So he left it all, full of knowlede at the peak of his career, to write a novel and do the inner work needed to heal himself from the inside out. This work he shares on his personal blog, the one kept here, in hopes of inspiring others to live a meaningful life.

Raised in a small town in Idaho, he faced significant challenges. He was bullied to the point of deep depression, endured physical abuse and even homelessness. He learned from every struggle he encountered, holding onto a deep belief that things would change for the better if he worked hard and continued to dream, and knew that if he helped others along the way there was no limit to what he could achieve. Kaden continues to show people how they too can overcome the struggles they face and achieve real success.