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During the consultation, we will go over the benefits of coaching and help you gain greater clarity about where you are in life and where you want to go. You will also be sent custom tools to help you discover your passions and the best ways to go about getting the life you want.

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“Kaden knows how to shine the best light on your skills and talents to inspire you to take the leap of faith toward your goals. He has a way of calming the mind and directing your spirit toward a path of acceptance and enlightenment.” -Gabriel from LA

“Kaden is the positivity that is needed when life brings you down. His optimistic attitude and positivity are contagious at a time when you need it the most.” -Tyler from New York

“Kaden was a big supporter and encouragement to me during my weight loss journey and continues to be. His videos, posts and messages are something I can look forward too. He turns my bad days into good ones” -Jenn from Kansas

“Kaden’s kind heart is at the center of his coaching, and his abundant creativity is used to come up with tools and encouragement to help each client take the next step in their process.” -David from Virginia

“Kaden has the ability to reach into your soul and find the root cause of what is prohibiting you from getting to where you want to be. He can find the light in anyone and gives you the tools to illuminate your own. I thought I had self-love before but I was wrong. After working with Kaden he truly showed me what it meant to love my self through some hard hitting, difficult questions. My eyes have been opened to my true potential and I owe a majority of that to him.” - Carter from Austin

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