Real Success

The word attraction contains a vital word, action. Attraction without action is simply observing what you want while standing in one spot. 

I’ve been debating my next moves in life. After getting my life coaching certification and writing my first novel, which is still in the process of editing, I find myself with some time on my hands. So I have taken quizzes aimed at finding special skills, I’ve read several books and watched YouTube videos on setting goals, finding your purpose and the right career for you. I have even had spent countless hours debating within my mind and stressing out about what to do next. Through it all, I learned some very valuable lessons that I believe can save you a lot of time and make you feel more confident in following your passion. 

Since childhood, we have been sold this idea that amassing great wealth means we have achieved success. Just turn on the tv, look on Instagram, or in a magazine and you will find plenty of messages validating this idea. This thinking runs rampant in our western culture, it's everywhere and it has subconscious effects on our decisions. It leads most of us to believe that the more you have, the more successful you are; this just isn't true. There are plenty of people who have money but don't feel successful in life, they are just wealthy. Making a lot of money won't guarantee that you will feel good about the work you're doing or fulfilled in your life. This is why we see so many people earn a lot financially, yet they feel miserable. 

 We have all watched as people gain fame and have tremendous careers, then tragically fall and sometimes lose their lives because of deep depression and unhappiness. Have you ever seen this and wondered how could this happen? In our minds we might go through thoughts like this; he has the important job, makes a lot of money, has a wonderful spouse, lives in the dream house, has the nicest cars… Through this we can learn a valuable lesson, the world can believe that you are successful but if behind the scenes we don’t have the balance and feel good in our lives we won't have real success. We can be struggling so much internally even if the external world doesn't reflect it.

You can’t be truly successful in your life and hate what you're doing. That's not true success. You may trick people into thinking you're successful because of the illusion you’ve created but real success is determined within ourselves. When you live your passion and that passion supports you spiritually, physically, and emotionally in life, you will feel outstanding and that is the success we all want. We need to recognize that seeking wealth above all else holds us back from real success. 

The times when I have made the biggest mistakes in my career have been when I tried to take shortcuts. I thought these shortcuts would lead me to be successful in the eyes of others. These choices have turned out to be a disaster because they were not in alignment with my real passion. They were the times I was chasing the effect, the wealth, and respect from others instead of focusing on what I was here to offer the world. 

When you focus on the people you serve and provide them with the highest quality in whatever it is that you offer the money, notoriety, and respect will come naturally. 

You have a choice, you can try to be successful in the eyes of others and get a job where you hope to make a lot of money doing something you don’t love OR you can learn skills and strategies to support you in making a living doing what you love. This second option won’t always be fun, you will have to work very hard, will it be worth it? Think about it this way, how would it feel earning $50,000 dollars a year at a job you hate vs earning $50,000 at a job you absolutely love? How much more would it feel earning at the job you love? I'm sure it would be a lot more than $50,000 and when you are passionate about something it's easy to come up with new and exciting ideas to generate more income.

I can’t stress this definition enough— REAL SUCCESS: IS FEELING GOOD ABOUT WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO. 

For most of us, the major conflict we have when it comes to living our passion is we fear we won’t be able to make enough money doing so. This is false thinking. Just look at all the people who are successfully doing what you want to do. They figured out a formula that works for them and you can too. 

You can discover a path to real success by picking someone successful in the field you're passionate about and learning all you can from them. If they can do it, you can do it. You just have to learn what they are doing, build the skill set that person possesses and then replicate it while incorporating your own voice and talents.  Once you learn what they're doing and do it, you will see yourself begin to succeed. This will take time and you will have challenges but learn from them and keep growing. 

To speed up your growth reach out to people you respect in your field and ask them questions. Study the experts and learn all you can from their example. Work at it, don’t just do the “fun” things, put in the work and I know you will see progress. The learning never ends, we can always perfect and hone new skills that will take us further.

Find out what real success is to you, don't just take on societies view of success. Ask yourself what would make you happiest and then find a way to do it.

Wishing you all real success,