Finding Oneness

I debated whether on not to share an experience I had a couple days ago while meditating. Up until this point, I have always shared spiritual truths and lessons that have had a substantial degree of a scientific approach. I understand that sometimes you can lose people when you talk about things outside our worldly realm of understanding. 

I realized my worries, had to be overcome so I could share this message with you. So I only ask that you have an open mind while reading this. I want to be honest and open along this spiritual journey with you, so I have decided to turn my fear into freedom.

My meditation started off like many other times I’ve done it. It took me a moment to quiet my mind which surprisingly has gotten much easier the more often I’ve practiced meditation. Soon after, everything changed.

I felt myself floating down gently, visualizing the outline of my body falling back slowly as if diving backward with my arms slightly extended out, not touching the sides of my body. I floated down headfirst with a slightly arched back into a calm, dimly lit space with no walls I could perceive, it felt endless like the space in outer space. I was the viewer of this body but knew instinctually that I was watching my earthly body. I floated slowly, further into a place of peace and relaxation. The feeling of calm grew stronger the further I floated down. My eyes were lightly closed in my body but open in my soul. I was fully aware as I floated down into myself, away from the rigid thought patterns, fears and stresses of my physical body. There floating deeper I could feel my oneness to all of life. 

I felt a spirit of love floating all around me, immersing me in its presence. It was all around me and within me. Then as I went deeper I could sense other spirits all around, for as far as I could see. I was so focused on them that I didn’t even notice when my body vanished from my view. I didn’t need it any longer and didn’t grieve it for a moment. In fact, I didn’t even think about my body again until I sat down and write this experience right now.  The spirits around me manifested as softly glowing orbs with gently, pulsating light inside. I could instinctually tell these souls apart from each other, whenever I chose to focus on them individually but for the most part I just enjoyed the deep love I had for all.

I had no worries or perception of time, it didn’t exist here. We were weightless, all suspended in a thin opaque cloud, that felt like love personified and it was all around us.  We were unified as if we were a part of one organism like cells but so intertwined, we weren’t this cell or that cell. We were one organism, all a part of one divine Source of love. There was a feeling of softness all around and that love was swirling, wrapping us in a translucent joy. Nothing had a rough edge and there was no work to do, we were just being. We relaxed together, bonded together by the creator. We were experiencing oneness while rejoicing in our own individual consciousness at once.  We were many parts of one universe, or maybe even something more expensive than even the term universe, like a different dimension that encompasses even more.

Whenever I had heard the term “oneness” I had always thought that would mean the death of our individual experiences, our memories and losing the people we loved to achieve it. The thought had always been a fearful one. I also had felt that the term “we are one” was limiting before this experience because I thought it was taking all of life and turning it into one limiting life, very similar to how many people take the term God and try to define God and often it feels to leave so much out. I realized it’s not a limiting thought at all, in fact it’s all encompassing. 

A metaphor that came to me after reflecting on this incredible meditation experience was this- The stars can be given individual names, just like people; constellations could stand for a groups of people, African Americans could be Libra, gay people could be Aquarius, Asian People could be Leo and so on but in the end they are all stars like we are all souls. The night sky would be less beautiful with any one star that we look up at not being there. We all play a part. We all shine and we are beautiful individually and as one at the same time. To understand that we are one, we must learn to perceive ourselves as unique and special while simultaneously understanding that we are bonded together like cells in one body or stars in one sky.

I would love to hear if any of you have had similar experiences, visions or anything that you would like to share. With me or with everyone in the comments section of this blog.

The oneness I felt was incredible, so much love and peace. I know now that you and I are truly one in this universe, so interconnected. I shared this story because I felt this experience could help to explain the oneness. I hope that this story resonates with you or opens you up to the possibilities that meditation can bring to you. It’s a practice, like anything you have to work at it little by little but the peace that can be found here is truly a miraculous gift.

Kaden JamesComment