Honoring Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers)

From time to time, I will be honoring an inspiring person who’s work has touched my soul. These will be people who have spread light into this world. Their example can continue to inspire others to live fully in alignment with their purpose. I call these beautiful souls “Guardians of Light” because they protect and share their light, without letting the outside influences in the world extinguish their internal flame.

I chose Fred Rogers for today because he was one of my first friends as a child. Even though we never had the opportunity to meet in person, we spent quality time together every time I watched Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. He was there for me as a consistent source of positivity, like millions of other children.

On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers spoke before a Senate Committee, on behalf of his, recently, nationally syndicated children’s television series as well as the non-profit Corporation for Public Broadcasting. This was a very important moment, he was there to defend $20 million in federal funding that was at risk of being cut in half. Watch now to hear Mr. Rogers’ wise words.


The world needs more people like Fred Rogers, who see empathy and compassion as the strength that it is. It’s easy to do harm when you are hurt through words and action, what’s tough is to rise above and transform anger into love. Thank you, for all you have done for me, for other children who are now adults, and for a new generation of children through reruns. Though you have passed onto the other side, you continue to be a beacon of light, shining on us all.

To hear more wisdom from Mr. Rogers, here’s another great video-



Kaden JamesComment