The FlyFiftyFive Challenge:  The mission is to downsize your current wardrobe to upgrade your life. It was created to make it easy to travel with everything you need, even when you fly. Take the challenge to simplify your life so that you are less stressed, save money, help the environment and have more free time to enjoy your life and the things that really matter to you.


  • Pick out your favorite and most useful 55 items of clothing for the next four months. Choose wisely.
  • Don’t include socks, underwear, hats or accessories.
  • It is recommended that you reduce your accessories (watches, sunglasses, rings, necklaces, shoes and hats) to 15 or fewer items that you can trade for others after the four-month cycle.
  • Pack everything other than your 55 items and put them in a different closet, the attic, basement or somewhere you aren’t tempted to use the pieces.
  • We encourage you to sell or donate to those in need when you come across anything you no longer want that’s in wearable condition.
  • For the next four months, wear these 55 items and don’t add any other pieces in.  Keep your number at 55 or fewer.
  • You may trade a piece if you absolutely need to for a special event, if something falls apart, doesn’t fit anymore or if you need a coat if it gets too cold. FlyFiftyFive isn’t here to torture you, but to help you save time and stress less.
  • Have a box or tote with seasonal wear that you want to keep and can trade some of your 55 pieces after the four month period or when the seasons change.
  • Keep a wish list for items you would like to have in your next cycle. This will give you a greater appreciation once you complete the four month period and you’ll be able to treat yourself to some things you may really want.

“After I found myself moving around the country with a suitcase, on and off of planes, into cars and hotels, I grew to love the simplicity of opening my suitcase and having everything there that I needed. When I would come back home after a trip, I would feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothing in my closet. It was difficult to find what I really liked to wear mixed amoung so many things I didn’t.  It was stressful and unessesary. That all changed when I created Fly35.  I now move effortlessly through life with things I enjoy wearing. Everything fits into one suitcase so I can travel with my whole wardrobe. It also makes me more conscious as to what I purchase.  Many things don’t make the Fly35 cut, which saves me money and ensures that I only own high quality things that I love. I really encourage you to give Fly35 a try.”

– Kaden James (creator of the FlyFiftyFive Challenge) 

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