Resolve to be Happy in the New Year

Writing is where I began, and it feels like I’ve come home after a long and arduous journey.  2017 will soon be here.  How about instead of another cliché resolution, this year decide to make your happiness your number one priority?  Choosing happiness is choosing not only something for yourself, but for your family and for the world. When you radiate happiness, you attract good things like a magnet and help others feel better as well.  At this time in my life, I am happier than I have ever been!  So overflowing with gratitude and happiness, which I’ve never felt in all my years on this planet and now I just want to share that happiness and the path I used to get there with you!

This year here has taken me all across the United States (through 23 states to be exact).  I’ve spent countless hours reading, listening to lectures, having great conversations with other seekers, teachers and I’ve been applying various teachings that I’ve come across, that I believe come from the ultimate source of the universe. The experiences I’ve had, healed me from deep trauma and have taught me not only forgiveness for others but for myself. Realizing that the person I needed to forgive the most was myself was a revelation for me this year. I was so good at forgiving others who had hurt me but was carrying years of self-loathing around and you better believe that this energy effects every situation you come into.

The teachings I’ve read and heard have given me tools to help me overcome negative thinking, extreme anxiety, depression and I ultimately was able to form a better relationship with myself. This relationship slowly got me to the point of liking myself before finally loving myself. Right now you have a spiritual tool box within you, some of us have a few tools but couldn’t we all use some more? As we add tools to help us get through any challenge in life we also have the ability to help others find tools that work for them as well. All I want to do now is help others find their way as I continue digging deeper and enjoy the warmth and love that keeps manifesting in my life.

For me, writing was like the best friend in many movies that the main character has known for years and never noticed… I kept searching for the perfect career and found myself doing things I didn’t like to make the amount of money I thought would make me happy.  I spent so much time doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons which caused me a LOT of pain and bitter disappointment. What I didn’t realize was that all I needed to be “successful” was right in front of me. Now, I know SUCCESS is just finding prolonged HAPPINESS. So, if success equals happiness then happiness equals success.  All I had to do was find ways to support my efforts to be happy. I believe that if you do the same, you won’t regret it because who doesn’t want to be happy and successful?

I wish I had known how simple it was when I was chasing all the wrong things and falling deeper and deeper into the darkness. It took a lot of pain for me to find the way out of the pain. Until you are able to find the narrow path that leads back to the real you. By “you” I mean that inner soul under all the worldly clutter and pride. There is a map inside our hearts, and each path is beautifully individual. When you silence your mind, the noise and the swirling advice, you can finally find your route to happiness.

One way I’ve found that really can help you find your purpose is to write out a list of your favorite memories. Then look for any patterns or correlations that can be found in these happiest times. Then ask yourself, “are any of these patterns found in a particular activity?” Your heart knows what you want you just have to let it be free to lead. You might not figure out the job that’s right for you but maybe you’ll be lead to a direction that could be fun. Follow the fun until you find yourself where you want to be.

If you see that many of your happiest memories are when you’re in nature, for instance, it might be possible to find your purpose there or at least spend more time there until your purpose reveals itself to you.

Through seeking out people, places and hobbies that make you feel good, you can find yourself loving your life more and knowing yourself intimately.

My hope is that you find your success in happiness in 2017!

Happy New Year!

With Love,
– Kaden James

Kaden James