The Daily Playbook

It’s only been out about a week and a half but already The Daily Playbook is reaching people all around the world. My goal when creating the playbook was to make my life work more efficiently. After studying people I found to be highly successful over the years I noticed common threads between these happy folks who were living their dreams. They had specific morning and evening rituals and ways of checking in with themselves that I found fascinating.

My criteria for choosing the people I studied was based on their level of expertise, their contributions to the world and the positive energy and happiness they seemed to emit. I read their books, followed them on social media, attended and watched their lectures and then compiled my findings and started applying many of the techniques they shared. I spent a solid year deciding which elements worked for me, tweaking and combining some of the practices and eventually found a method that worked for me.

I found it hard having so many things to remember to do and to make time for throughout the day so eventually I made a worksheet I would fill out daily sitting in the morning to do half and completing an “end of day reflection” in the evening. Through this process I found myself setting and achieving goals each day, growing in confidence and self respect, being more at peace and just plain happier.

Whenever I find something I love or that works for me one of my favorite things to do is to share it. I started sharing the playbook and some of the rituals with everyone I knew. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to achieve more but mainly I wanted people to feel better and love their lives more.

After hearing back from friends and family about how these methods were helping them it became a mission to create this book, The Daily Playbook to help people WIN AT LIFE! I am so excited to see that with just a couple posts on my social media people stared buying the book and sharing it with their friends and families. It has already reached so many people and each time I receive a positive message about the book it makes me so happy.

This book is YOUR story, it’s part journal/part planner and filled with questions and actions, ways to set and attain goals, wheel of life exercises, uplifting quotes and so much more. I am not here to sell you on this book, I am here to just share it and the ideas from it with you. I will be posting content outlining what you can expect to see inside the playbook and you are welcome to take from it and add some into any journal of your choosing or to just start doing some of the rituals that resonate with you. Even the simplest thing from this playbook can greatly benefit your life. I believe that once you see the results that come with adding a couple rituals into your day that you will probably want to add even more because they elevate your mind and help you feel better.

If you would like to get a Daily Playbook and join in on the fun you can get one here- THE DAILY PLAYBOOK BY: KADEN JAMES

Bellow please feel free to share morning and evening rituals you enjoy and if you are using The Daily Playbook please share your success stories with us. Let’s all support each other in reaching our dreams and living meaningful and abundant lives.


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