Hi there, I’m Kaden James and I’m really glad we found each other here. I truly hope that you find the content on this site valuable to you.


I want to be honest with you, I literally wrote the book on flaws. In fact, I’m writing a book series called “Flawed” because one book wasn’t enough and I am not pretending to be above making mistakes. When we show the imperfect sides of ourselves and feel at our most vulnerable we are able to deeply relate to one another. Our “flaws” are a gift that can connect us. 

I’d like to share with you one of this biggest lessons I’ve learned- 
If you decide to look for reasons why your life is wonderful then you will find them but if you choose to look for a thousand reasons why your life is terrible will find them as well. Let’s decide to see the good in our lives and watch it expand.Through changing my perspective I transformed my life. How? you might ask… 

Well to make a long story short- I grew up in a very traumatizing environment where I was bullied and abused, as a result I grew up loathing myself, deeply. During that time, I was realizing I was gay in an environment that didn’t support this truth. When it became known I lost many of my closest friends, family, and even my church turned their backs on me. I was left feeling alone, resentful and afraid. 

I struggled just to survive, I was left homeless and fortunately, a shelter took me in as I worked hard to rebuild my life. It’s been years since this extremely tough time and now I see that my past made it easier to feel empathy for other people. I had felt so weak at that time but now I see that I was strong to survive and hold out hope when my world felt very dim. 

My tragedy and childhood trauma is now my story of TRIUMPH. I want that for you as well, no matter what your story is, you have survived it and you are stronger because of it. Just by changing what you tell yourself about your struggle can be the first step in changing your life. I believe in you.

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Thanks for sharing your journey with me,