Effective Way to Make Life Decisions

Making important life decisions can be a struggle for anyone, questions swirl in our minds and it can be difficult to gain clarity. Even the people we look up to, who have achieved greatness have doubted themselves. They too have questioned which career path they should follow, what relationships they should nurture, if they should they go back to school or learn a trade… These are tough questions and if you’re like me, you want a definitive answer. That answer can be hard to find…

What if I told you there is a way to shift your thinking just enough to see the right path for you?

Well, there is… It’s paying attention to- Time.

The beauty of realizing our time is limited is that it challenges us to move. A popular phrase people like to throw out there when you’re young is “you have all the time in the world”, but this isn’t true. This type of thinking won’t help you even though it’s said to put worried minds at ease.

At seventeen years old young, I started having tachycardia, which is a rapid heartbeat when you’re resting. It would hit me at any time, sometimes several times a day. I would find myself sitting at my desk in class and all of a sudden my heart would be beating so hard in my chest that you could see it pulsating through the fabric of my shirt. I still remember when I would have to leave the classroom to show the school nurse. Adults were often shocked and worried when they say it which also didn’t put me at ease.

I ended up seeing many specialists who instructed me on how to use heart monitors. I would push a button to record the episodes when my heart would act up. I wore these devices under my clothes, even at school, so the specialists could get a better understanding of what was going on. After many tests and after analyzing the monitor data, they realized I had two heart defects. I had ASD and PDA, both of which have very long names. Basically, it meant there was an artery that was supposed to close at birth that needed to be sealed shut and I had a small hole in the upper two chambers of my heart. At seventeen, this was frightening for my parents and myself. I felt worried that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish all the things I felt I was placed on this earth to do.

Before I traveled from my small town in Idaho to Stanford Medical Center in Northern California, I asked my cardiologist if there was a chance I could die from the surgery. She said she couldn’t promise me anything. Since there were no promises given to me, I gave one to myself:

I promised myself, that if I lived, I would work hard to do something great with my life for the world.

After surgery I felt renewed, I had been given a second chance and I knew that life was precious. I understood that it shouldn’t be taken for granted. I saw everything with fresh, hopeful eyes and recovered fully. Everything seemed more vibrant and alive. Like many feelings, it did fade a bit over time, but I still was committed to what I promised myself. I would work hard to do something great for the world. I felt this urge very strongly again when I started thinking about time.

When people feel they don’t have enough time, they have an urgency to accomplish the things that matter most to them. Therefore, realizing time is limited is an excellent way to find out what your priorities are and to be thankful for this moment.

To find out how to calculate on average how many days you have left on this Earth- CLICK HERE.

Knowing the average amount of days you might have isn’t meant to scare you. My hope is that this mathematical exercise will empower you to go after the things you want in life and to uncover where what your real priorities are. None of us know when we will pass away, so it is important to invest  precious energy and time into the things that matter.

Now is the time to ask yourself- “What actually matters to me?”

Truly give this a moment of thought. You could just think about it or journal some thoughts down.

After thinking about time I realized my answer- It’s knowing the people closest to me feel important and cared about. It’s my connection to Source, the loved ones who have passed (my angels) and the spiritual world, these blogs, the stories and songs that I write to reach people and help them on their path. It’s also the experiences, world travel, nature, and my constant quest to learn more. It’s everything positive that I can do in this life. 

For most people, they will find that they have a list filled many good things they can do and create in the world… The list may be broad, like mine but you can zero in on part of it and expand that area more. So let’s get started, this can be your roadmap, it’s the kind that can lead you toward the things that really matter to you.

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