Embrace Change

I have come to understand that life is always changing. Most often, I’ve embraced its changes with hope for a better future. The world keeps turning and, as much as we sometimes would love to slow time or rewind, it keeps moving. You can move in step with the dance of life, or you can be dragged along painfully stumbling through it. You have two choices, leave situations with dignity and strength, or you can try desperately to hold onto things that aren’t meant for you.

If a relationship you’re in ends, you can try to hold onto the person even though you know deep down that it’s run its course. When you know there is nothing more to be gained but pain, it’s time to move on with the grace of Gene Kelly. Once you realize that life is guiding you toward what’s best for you, it will be easier to let go.

You might ask, why would I want to hold onto something if it’s painful? That’s simple — it’s fear.  We have all held onto something out of fear at some point. We are all afraid of the unknown at times, so much so that we would rather hold onto the wrong thing. We find ourselves out of step because we don’t want to lose something or feel alone.  All you have to remember is you aren’t ever alone. We all have dancing partners and even when we have a solo, there’s always people to turn to who have been laced up in similar shoes.

You have the beat within your heart.  Sing your song and always make sure to move.
Move on when the time comes and optimistically let life lead you toward the surpr
ises that are waiting for you.


The rain and onlookers couldn’t get Gene Kelly down in this iconic scene from “Singin’ in the Rain”. Don’t let the storms in life keep you from the joy that can be found all around.  Just keep moving.

Kaden JamesComment