What You Really Want


When you ask yourself what you really want and give yourself a little quiet time to let the answer rise up from within you. You can receive an answer that is not of the ego but from the depths of your soul.

As you lightly hold onto a desire in a way that feels good, you align with the energy of that desire. The more you imagine what it will feel like to have your desire, the greater the positive energy flowing to you. Don’t worry or wonder how, instead be excited about what you truly want and in time the actions you need to take to get your dreams will be revealed to you.

Everything we want and dream of acomplishing comes from our ultimate desire which is to feel good. We want things and experiences that we think will feel great. Instead of postponing that good feeling any longer, decide to start feeling better now. You don’t have to go from feeling miserable to ecstatic overnight, just be easy about it. If you feel miserable walk your way up to feeling ok, if you feel ok do some tweaks to get you to feeling good. Take action to feel better, decide to feel good right now. Through appreciating the amazing things and people already present in our lives we can grant ourselves our ultimate desire without needing anything or anyone but ourselves. When we make feeling good the priority we align with a frequency of well-being and more good is able to flow.

Ways to visualize and manifest your desire:

Think about what you want- allow the answer to “What do I REALLY want?” to rise up inside you. Think about what you want only while the thought feels good. When doubt or fear bubble up, think or do something else that is pleasing. The goal here is to feel good. 

Picture yourself having what you want- get excited, jump up and down, smile, put your hands in the air, feel having your desire in your body. Countless studies have proven that when the body gets engaged in a way that feels good, we release “happy hormones” like dopamine and serotonin. When we raise our vibration in this way through excitment, great ideas come to us easily and more rapidly. 

Write out in detail what you want or cut out pictures to make a vision board- be as specific as possible but don’t focus on the how. When we ask “how?” we often invite doubt in and stop believing in our goals and dreams. The how will reveal itself in time. More opportunities and ideas will come to you if you don’t limit yourself with a lack of faith. Remember that the universe is very good at organizing things, bringing people together, expanding life and creating chance encounters, so have faith. 

Each night right before bed, visualize and feel that you have your desire- when you visualize right before bed, you invite your powerful subconscious to help you manifest while you sleep. The things you think right before bed you take into your sleep. Manifesting before bed is a powerful way to amp it up!

Take time to feel good everyday, write out things you are grateful for and why- this will elevate your mood quickly. As you make gratitude a habit your mind will start to look for the good all around you and will find it in abundance.

Each morning when you wake, stay in that peaceful moment for a while- even five minutes in a positive state can make your day much better. Think thoughts that feel good and resist the urge to look at your phone, plan your day, or jump into the day too fast. Stay in the positive feeling for a little while and soak in the well-being.

Thank you for reading this blog and please share anything cool you’ve manifested into your life. Also if you would like me to make some materials or meditations to assist in the process let me know. 


Kaden James