Seek Advice


Do you want to lose fifteen pounds? Do you have a dream of becoming a pilot? Do you want to start a non-profit? Or open a new business? Do you want to learn to juggle while reciting the alphabet backward? WELL GUESS WHAT?! It doesn't matter what it is, there are tons of other people who have done all of these things. The problem is most of us have dreams but ask the wrong people for advice. Stop asking your friend who's busy binge-watching Netflix what he thinks about you opening a restaurant. If you want his opinion on whether Ozark is better than 13 Reasons Why then go ahead. (Both of which I don't watch- so don't ask me haha)

The problem with asking advice from friends who haven't received the results we want for ourselves is that their fears can be transmitted to us. They may have the best intentions but ultimately want to keep us from experiencing failure and pain so they may try to persuade us away from the big dreams we have because of the risks involved. Asking advice from anyone, who will only tell you stories of other people's failures or their own can create doubts in your mind and cause you to remain stuck.

Seeking advice is a GREAT thing, but seek it out from the right sources. You wouldn't ask for marriage advice from someone who has never had a serious relationship. You wouldn't ask someone who gets winded after a short walk to train you in the gym. You wouldn't ask me for directions, EVER- trust me don't do it haha. So if you want to get a new career, find people doing what you want to do at the level of excellence that you want. Even if you don't know them, write to them and ask for advice. Watch any videos they have posted on the subject or read content they put out. You can gain so much insight by following the experts and if you reach out to enough of them in time you will get excellent advice and can avoid the pitfalls of trying to figure it all out on your own. Trust me, I have learned so many things the hard way through trial and error. You learn much faster and save a lot of time and money by going directly to the experts.

Let me address the biggest hurdle most people have when asking for advice- what are they going to think of me? Odds are they are going to be flattered you are asking. People who are passionate about their chosen profession and hobbies usually love talking about it. I know that when people would ask me interesting questions about coaching, music and writing, I enjoyed writing back to them and providing them with valuable advice.

All people who have achieved success started out without a hit, without a best-selling book, without a Zagat rated restaurant... Everyone starts without being an expert and the humble ones remember where they came from. They know what it feels like to be the new kid in town, to be just starting out, that first day of school feeling can be intimidating at first but the more expert help you seek the better! The human spirit loves to help an underdog and if you express your passion with a willingness to learn people will come out to support and help you. Then, before you know it you'll be the one others seek out for advice.

So while this is fresh in your mind... If there is a certain area you would like advice moving forward in, start looking for experts right NOW. Then send off some messages, it's going to feel so good to ask and receive the advice and encouragement you are looking for so don't stop sending messages until you receive what you need.

As you read this were you making a list of experts to contact? Let me know in the comments.

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