I Love Money!

"I love money!" Just hearing someone say this always made me bristle a bit. Does it do the same for you? If the answer is yes, then you too have a problem with money. Our thoughts and feelings about money develop mostly on a subconscious level spurred by the beliefs of people around us in our early years. Negative societal views about money also contribute to the thoughts you now hold about money, whether you realize it or not. These thoughts harden and can be difficult to spot because they are deeply ingrained in our psyche. 

A great way to find out if you have an unhealthy relationship with money is to fill in the blank- People with money are __________________. Write out your thoughts and think about this for a minute. See what comes up for you.

If your mind instantly went toward negative thoughts then you have a block when it comes to money. Now don't get defensive by this new knowledge, even getting defensive about money is a clear indication that there are some issues to work through. You are not alone if you answered that question with something like, "people with money are greedy" or "selfish". By thinking negative thoughts you will continue to keep money away because you have linked money and having money with these negative things. If you were to be given money, in your mind that would make you "greedy" or "selfish" or whatever you put in that blank. There is hope, you can change your thoughts about money. Do you want to find yourself surrounded by money, using it to enhance your life and the lives of those around you? Can I get a big--- YES!

Ask yourself would a wealthy person who feels good about how much they earn and get defensive about money? The answer is no. They would be proud of what they have gained, the freedom that comes with it, the fun and recreation, the financial security, and would delight in the fact that they can and will make more for themselves and for others. They see money as a gift and a blessing not as something they don't have or can't have. 

Wealthy people are usually money magnets because they play offense when it comes to money. They think differently. 

Can people walk into wealth? Sure, but like any relationship, if it isn't healthy it isn't going to last long. It's like a husband who neglects his spouse, the resentment will build up until he's left alone or in the case of money, until he is broke. Think about people from your own life, do people who constantly complain about money have much of it? Do those who say they "don't like money" have it? Do people who say money is the root of all evil seem happy? No, no, no.

I speak openly and strongly about money because I had terrible thoughts about money for years that I never recognized. I thought subconsciously that it was "greedy" to seek money because of this thinking I was sure to stay broke.  I'd help friends, give money away to homeless folks, at times when some of those homeless people may have had more financially than me and I'm not joking. Of course there's a time and place for charity but if you're broke, you need to help yourself. You can find other healthy ways to help people and I'm not telling you not to care or have empathy for people who have less than you. I'm just saying you have to make sure your needs are met so you can serve the world fully. When you develop a healthy relationship with money it will flow to you and you will be able to help many more people than you ever could without it. 

For many years I struggled because I didn't see how my need-to-please attitude was robbing me of any chance at wealth. I would do jobs for free and people would take advantage of my willingness and desire to just be working. I was undervalued and when I would acquire money I would feel like a "greedy person" if I didn't share it. This is a terrible thought pattern but one you can fix with time and effort. I'm not sure where this thought originated but once I realized I was sabotaging my own financial success I started changing things and fast. 

We need to get clear about what we want and not be afraid to say "I love money!" I'll be honest in the beginning it wasn't easy for me to say but I'm working on my relationship with money and things are getting better. Think of it as being in relationship counseling, you have to work through your problems to fix them, you can't just avoid them or you'll just keep getting the same results. 

Are you ready to commit to making money? Do you want the next years of your life to be the best so far? Are you ready to replace your old beliefs with positive and powerful ones that will lead you to riches beyond your wildest dreams? I'm hoping your answer is a YES! YES! YES!

First, to help the world you must be able to help yourself. If you can't help yourself first then you won't be nearly as effective at helping others. So fall in love with the freedom that money provides, and the miracles that you can co-create with it for others. Your example alone to your friends and family will change their lives. They will ask how did you create your wealth and you can tell them the secret, that it started with changing your thoughts and feelings surrounding money.

Decide today that you are going to be wealthy and define what that means to you. 

Homework: Write down the things you've heard people say about money or you yourself have said about money in the past. Just anything that pops up in your head. Things like "we can't afford it", "I can't, I don't have the money"... Write out your list quickly and don't overthink or judge it, just let the thoughts flow out. 

Once you have those thoughts down on your list, what sticks out at you? For most people in the world, their list will be full of negativity because most people don't feel good about money. 

Now, I want you to write out for five minutes (or more) the positive things you could do when you're rich. What will you accomplish when you're wealthy? What will you do?

Finally, I want you to say these powerful statements and feel good as you say them so you can start to build a stronger bond with money. It's like complimenting your partner, everyone loves compliments. To make more money show money you want it, sweet-talk it, as weird as that sounds. If it's hard for you to say any of these affirmations then you will need to do this more often. 

Whenever you get stuck review your list of all the good you can do with money, that should help you get back on track to seeing the possibilities that you can create with money. Say these powerful thoughts over until you believe them and they roll off your tongue with ease, then revisit these affirmations often. As you see yourself acquiring more, attracting positive situations, and money into your life your belief in this power will grow. 

Say these powerful affirmations out loud and with confidence-

Money creates opportunities for myself and those I love.

Money comes to me with ease.

My relationship with money is thriving and I keep making more and more all the time.

With money I have the freedom and tools to rise as high as my abilities and drive will take me.

I know the universe is abundant and every need can be satisfied. My financial needs are satisfied and my accounts are overflowing. 

I have a strong relationship with money.

I love money because it helps me reach my goals and then set even bigger ones.

I love money because it provides me with a beautiful home, nourishing food, great health and the ability to help those I love. 

I love money because it helps me serve the world.

I love myself and I have more money than I ever dreamed.

You can also make up your own money affirmations and tell us about the ones you create in the comments. 

I'll leave you with a short story-
One day I left my car lights on and my battery died. I popped open the hood to find that my battery was corrosive. I tried to jump it but the charge couldn't take because it was being blocked by the corrosion. The battery had leaked acid and made it impossible to be jumped until I scraped the corrosion away and could regain a clear connection. This is a great analogy for what we need to do regarding money. For most people, we need to scrape away years of corrosive negative thinking and feelings, that in most cases we didn't choose for ourselves. We need to chip away the excuses and the terrible words we heard about money and wealthy people. Then we need to replace those old thoughts with clear, positive ones so we can jumpstart our financial prosperity. 

Until you gain a healthy connection with money you won't have the amount you desire. Your negative thoughts about money block you from wealth. Once you align your thoughts and feelings with what you truly want, the abundance will flow and then you can help not only yourself but many more people by sharing the wealth.

May you be wealthy, healthy, and abundant in all areas of your life! 


PS The cover photo on this blog is a Swiss Bank that actually has a money swimming pool like the one Scrooge McDuck swims in in DuckTales. That's my visual for having money. I picture myself being surrounded by it. Having it flow to me effortlessly like water, being able to shower it and pour it on projects, people, and charities so that I can be more effective at serving the world. So who's ready to go swimming? 


Thank you for reading.

If this touched you please share the wealth with you friends.